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Leaves changing colors along a mountain pass in SlovokiaClothes and plant hanging in a Lviv courtyardUkranian boys holding dovesChurch in the colorful hills outside of Lviv, UkraineView of old town Lviv, UkraineTree growing through a cobblestone hillside, Lviv, UkraineHillside stairway, Lviv, UkrainePath in the woods, Lviv, UkraineCouple walking on a bright fall day, Lviv, UkraineMeat market, Lviv, UkraineDangerMause, Lviv, UkraineNeglected bride - Lviv, UkraineApartment building fa�ade - Lviv, UkraineNot a tour bus - Lviv, UkraineClosing time at the artists market - Lviv, UkraineOrthodox church in the morning - Lviv, UkraineStill 300 yards from the border crossing from Ukraine into PolandBuilding fa�ade - Berlin, DEBuilding fa�ade - Berlin, DEDecorative columns outside a Ubahn station - Berlin, DE